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Horizontalism Tumblr Theme

CreativeMarket Horizontalism Tumblr Theme 324285

Tumblr Theme \ Horizontalism \ Theme \ Tumblr \ Creative \ Minimal \ Photo \ Modern \ Architecture
A responsive portfolio theme with two unique layout options: horizontal scrolling and grid. Horizontalism is a portfolio Tumblr theme aimed for any creative professional. It has quite a unique look as it makes extensive use of the horizontal scrolling. It s quite versatile, with two distinct layouts: an horizontal scroll one and one grid based. Features Two homepage layouts: horizontal scrolling / grid layout Responsive Design All post types supported Homepage / listing pages with thumbnails Custom colors Google WebFonts Localization Lightbox support (full screen zoom) Pages and Ask form supported Customizable navigation (based on tags) Google Analytics ready Support for Smart Tags (user tags that affect the page appearance) Social sharing: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest Social ...
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Category: Tumblr Theme
Mood Tumblr Theme

CreativeMarket Mood Tumblr Theme 324282

Tumblr Theme \ Theme \ Tumblr \ Design \ Gallery \ Circle \ Portfolio \ Responsive \ Illustration
Themelantic is proud to present Mood ¡ª an original circular, zig zag layout for your portfolio. Playful, minimalist and highly customizable, it will make your work shine! A playful circular or square layout that supports all post types Designed to work beautifully on all platforms and devices Widgets for Instagram, Twitter, and Dribbble, and more Customise colours, typography, and design details Bubble tags to feature certain words above your posts Custom logo support, social sharing, and much more A Fun, Circular Layout Your post thumbnails show up in a unique zig zag layout, with carefully chosen thumbnail types for each different post ¡ª text, audio, photo, video, and more. You can choose whether to have circular or square thumbnails, and also specify bubble tags which will show up as ...
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CreativeMarket Typistry 3813

Tumblr Theme \ Tumblr \ Essay \ Responsive \ Design \ Writing \ Minimal \ Reading \ Typography
Typistry is a minimal, single column theme based on Safari Reader and minimal writing apps like Byword and iA Writer. It has stylistic similarities to A List Apart and Information Architects blog, and focuses on delivering a perfect reading experience through golden ratio typography, and a beautiful serif font named Lora . The theme is written in HTML with mostly HTML5 attributes. The styles were written in CSS with some CSS3 attributes. It is fully responsive, and reads well on wide screens as well as tablets. Read easier. Buy Now 15 Typistry by Pretty Common Photos Graphics Templates Themes Fonts Add Ons 3D All Search
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Other Half

CreativeMarket Other Half 511297

Tumblr Theme \ Masonry \ Column \ Responsive \ Tumblr \ Minimal \ Design \ Other
Half is suited for highly visual blogs with its double column layout. All post types can be customized to give it your own personal touch. Turn most things on or off. Endless scrolling Color different post types Option to upload loading image Supports Google fonts Buy Now 49 Other Half by Other Themes Photos Graphics Templates Themes Fonts Add Ons 3D All Search
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Novelist Tumblr Theme

CreativeMarket Novelist tumblr theme 58324

Tumblr Theme \ Tumblr \ Theme \ Customizable \ Responsive \ Sleek \ Minimal \ Novelist
A theme designed with writers in mind. No matter what you write about, Novelist theme will make it nice and easy to read. Novelist was made for writers. It s one of the best themes for running a traditional blog with text in mind. All post types Color schemes Content focused Customizable Disqus comments Google Analytics Responsive Social sharing widget Google Fonts Extremely versatile Full list of features and theme options. Support. Our blog. Buy Now 49 Novelist tumblr theme by Pixel Revel Photos Graphics Templates Themes Fonts Add Ons 3D All Search
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Pop Gallery Tumblr Theme

CreativeMarket Pop Gallery Tumblr Theme 324288

Tumblr Theme \ Theme \ Tumblr \ Gallery \ Store \ Circle \ Premium \ Illustration \ Clean \ Modern
Create an endless array of powerful sites and layouts from a single theme. The Seven Pro Tumblr Theme is one of the most complete Tumblr themes around. It has so many features and a skin per area functionality that allows you to create many different sites from a single theme. Features Responsive Design All post types supported Homepage / listing pages with thumbnails Circular thumbnails (optional) 3 Custom Tags (for thumbnails display) 3 Bubble Tags (for thumbnails display) Infinite Scrolling (thumbnails page) Pages and Ask supported Optional: Show Notes Customizable side navigation (tags) Editable color scheme Google WebFonts Google Analytics ready ShareThis plugin (Facebook, Twitter and Google+) Social Network icon links Disqus and Facebook Comments Complete Feature Listing See the ...
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Pin Meter Theme

CreativeMarket Pin Meter Theme 96413

Tumblr Theme \ Theme \ Scrolling \ Infinite \ Clean \ Photography \ Tumblr \ Meter \ Pinterest
Pin Meter is a tumblr theme in the style of Pinterest The theme is optimised for social media using Open Graph and Twitter Cards and has great google ranking thanks to micro data. Custom options include The header and header text can be any colour Show your title, description and logo/avatar Choose your title font and size from any Google font Choose your body font and size from any Google font Show the Tumblr Ask page Add your social media networks Features Supports all post types and pages. Open graph enabled Twitter card enabled Microdata to help google rank Social networks Custom fonts Free updates and support. Buy Now 9 Pin Meter Theme by Andrew Revitt Photos Graphics Templates Themes Fonts Add Ons 3D All Search
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CreativeMarket Longform 15806

Tumblr Theme \ Longform \ Typography \ Reads
Longform is our gilded carriage for text. Typographical refinement and a pristine layout make content pop while staying classically minimal. It s an beautiful and expansive space for the full extent of your creativity, perfect for content heavy blogs of all kinds. Detailed theme documentation and setup instructions can be found here: World Class Customer Support When you purchase any of our products, you re also purchasing free upgrades and excellent customer support. Our support staff is committed to helping you solve any problems you encounter¡ªvisit for more information or contact us via email at support Buy Now 49 Longform by Pixel Union Photos Graphics Templates Themes Fonts Add Ons 3D All Search
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Gabak Responsive Tumblr Theme

CreativeMarket Gabak Responsive Tumblr Theme 9916

Tumblr Theme \ Customizable \ Tumblr \ Responsive \ Clock \ Disqus \ Premium \ Clean
Gabak Responsive Tumblr Theme Gabak is a responsive template for tumblr. It includes social integrations & lots of features.. Theme Includes/Supports. All Tumblr Post Types (Text, Photo, Photoset, Panorama, Quote, Link, Chat, Video, Audio, Answer), Responsive Layout Supported by all major browsers Special Clock Widget (as Blog Title) or Blog Title Comments Shortcut (includes animation) Social Share to Facebook, Twitter, Google + (via 12+ Social Links (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Dribble, etc.) Disqus Comments Google Analytics Responsive Photoset Layout (2 option) Full Color Customizable Full localisation support 2 Theme Versions (Round & Shape) Ask, Submit, Search and Pages Sidebar (left) Special Post Informations, Tags, Notes, Author Avatar&Name Spotfy support ...
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Limfo Tumblr Theme

CreativeMarket Limfo Tumblr Theme 22661

Tumblr Theme \ Theme \ Tumblr \ Limfo \ Customizable \ Simple \ Resolution \ Clean \ Light \ Minimal
Limfo is cool minimalist Tumblr theme for all bloggers. Implementation is very easy, just copy the code and paste it to your tumblr blog. That is all. FEATURES Customizable header colours Customizable background colours Customizable background pattern Google Web Fonts support Disqus comments support Awesome Font support Show/hide social links Social links include Facebook, Twitter, Behance, 500px, Vimeo and Flickr (you can use others) RESOURCES Images: My bro Hombre cz Icons used: Font Awesome Awesome/ Social Icons: Font Awesome Pattern: Subtle Patterns bark/ If you have questions, please contact me via message. Buy Now 10 Limfo Tumblr Theme by VSThemes ...
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